TC80-600 Installation and Operating Instructions

DESCRIPTION: The Frank Fountains have been designed for easy installation and trouble free operation. The major components consist of the following:
a) The housing; constructed of molded PVC of special attractive design.
b) The two (2) 8 quart capacity stainless steel bowls are easy to clean.
c) The two (2) 300WATT heater elements are controlled by a fixed thermostat and selector switch for choice of 150 or 300 WATTS.
d) The two indicator lights are mounted on the housing. The green light is ON when power is supplied to the fountain. The red light indicates when the heat is on.
e) The circuit breaker is located inside the housing.
f) The water level is factory pre-set and automatically fills.
g) Designed for fence line or double stall installation. One fountain can be easily shut down if not needed. Water cannot back feed for complete isolation.

MOUNTING THE FOUNTAIN: Floor mounting is standard. The TC80-600 model sets securely on a flat surface and is 19” high, 13” wide and 30” deep. Four mounting holes have been provided. Consult the dimension plans for complete details.

PLUMBING: Install a section of 4” plastic pipe over the ½” water line and down to the local frost line level. Install your ½” water pipe in the center of the pipe and allow it to extend 2” above your flat mounting surface. Requires ½” thread for ½” supplied shut off valve. IMPORTANT: The waterline must be purged thoroughly BEFORE connecting to the fountain.

ELECTRICAL: Double bowl fountain requires a 120VOLT AC 5AMP supply on high heat. Factory wiring is in compliance with the NEC. All customers wiring must be made in strict accordance with national and local electrical codes. The fountain is protected by a 10AMP circuit breaker. Consult electric wiring schematics for complete details.

DO NOT install any other heater device inside the fountain!

ADJUSTMENTS: Model TC80-600 requires NO adjustments or assembly. Water level is factory pre-set.

CLEANING: It is very important that the water supply for your animals be kept as clean as possible. Clean daily by lifting the bowl and discarding the contents is recommended. Water automatically shuts off when bowl is removed. It is NOT necessary to turn water supply off. It is also recommended that you routinely disinfect bowls with bleach or other appropriate disinfectant.

After initial Start-Up Only


Installation and electrical wiring drawings are supplied with units.