TC80-300 Installation Instructions

Installation and Operating Instructions Model TC80-300

DESCRIPTION: The Frank Fountains have been designed for easy installation and trouble free operation. The major components consist of the following:
a) The housing; constructed of molded PVC of special attractive design.
b) The top 8 quart capacity stainless steel perforated bowl for easy cleaning.
c) The 300 WATT heating element, controlled by a fixed thermostat and a two (2) position switch.
d) The two indicator lights are mounted on the housing. The green light is ON when power is supplied to the fountain. Bottom red light is on when temperature lowers to approximately 40°.
e) The heating element, thermostat, fuse, water shut off value and a 150/300W switch (new Feb 2011) are all located inside the housing.
f) The water shutoff valve is provided for customer to connect to water supply line.
g) The water level is factory pre-set and automatically fills.

MOUNTING THE FOUNTAIN: Wall or floor mounting is customer’s choice. The TC80 model sets securely on the floor and is 20” high, 13” wide and 18” deep. Wall supported fountains have added standoff brackets that bolt to the wall and requires two 3/8” lag bolts. The bottom of the housing must be tight against the floor to keep the heat contained. The floor mount model must be bolted down to the floor or concrete slab. Complete installation plans are provided.

PLUMBING: Each fountain requires a ½” water pipe to be located in the center of the fountain base. Install a section of 4” plastic pipe over the ½” water line and down to the local frost line level.
(Caution: The water line will freeze if in contact with the 4” pipe.) The ½” line should extend about 1” above the slab. Flexible line is provided to connect the fountain shut off valve to the ½” water line. The waterline must be purged thoroughly BEFORE connecting to the fountain.

ELECTRICAL: Factory wiring is in compliance with the NEC. All customers wiring must be made in strict accordance with national and local electrical codes. Each fountain requires a 120VOLT AC, 2.5AMP supply. A minimum 15AMP ground fault circuit breaker is advised. Each fountain requires 3 conductor, #14 wire. The fountain is supplied with a 150/300W switch (new Feb 2011), 5AMP fuse protection, green indicator light (power ON indicator) and red indicator light noting heater on. Consult setting plans before installing.

ADJUSTMENTS: Model TC80 requires NO adjustments or assembly. Water level is factory pre-set.

CLEANING: It is very important that the water supply for your animals be kept as clean as possible. Clean daily by lifting the top bowl and discarding the contents is recommended. Water automatically shuts off when bowl is removed. It is NOT necessary to turn water supply off. Routinely check and clean the bottom bowl. It is recommended that you at least weekly disinfect both bowls with bleach or other appropriate disinfectant.

Installation and electrical wiring drawings are supplied with units.