Summer 2014

In July my organic garden was abundant with everything growing beautifully in the good weather we were having. Unfortunately, the yellow jackets made a nest in the ground by my rhubarb which I found when I was mowing. I left the garden gates open so I could come back to eradicate the nest that night and didn’t close them that night as I left in a hurry. Since I hoed the garden before I mowed I didn’t go back the next day but the 30 open females that rotate to the pasture next to the garden did! They were able to enjoy the fruits of my labor as they ate everything to the ground except the tomatoes which were knocked over and the rhubarb and potatoes which they trampled. The onions were pulled out of the ground and every single blade of grass as well as all the weeds had miraculously disappeared along with the lettuce, beans, corn, chard, sunflowers and Marion berries. We are up to 15 cria on the ground.

2014 Garden

August has brought our grandson for extended visits as well as visits by many just wanting to see our lovely alpacas.


A local TV station came to the ranch to film a 5 minute segment and were here for 5 hours. The last hour involved the birthing of a lovely Huacaya baby that is strong and vigorous, standing and nursing quickly. I am naming the female cria after the Producer since she assisted me! As of the 24th, we have 24 babies on the ground and oh my, they are so nice! We are anxious to show them off!BabyPlay