Frank Fountain Testimonials

I am here for our 9th and 10th water fountains. We cannot tell you how wonderful they are and how much we appreciate what you do. We are replacing our Nelson’s fountains with yours. Nelson’s are made well, but always have clogging filters and problems. So if you don’t know how to work on them, half of the time they will not work. Also, I wonder if you can design, and I know that this may be out of your scope of design work. But we have foot dippers and we need to come up with something that will keep them from putting their feet in the water bowls. I don’t know if there is anything that could maybe be attached to or around the bowls to keep them from doing that. Thank you Mr. Frank, love the fountains, we tell everyone about them. We actually have given our Nelsons away. A lot of money wasted.

Southern Cross Alpacas

The best ones are Franks Fountains. Your first thought will be that they are a bit pricey and hard to install, but I promise after the first winter with them you will be SO happy. Plus they keep the water cool in the summer and free from Algae.

Cabernet Creek Farms ~ Debi Garvin, BS, MS, RQAP-GLP

Compare (others) to a Frank heated water system that uses only 200 watts in exactly the same situation. The costs is only $22. In addition, the Frank system is far better insulated and that probably drops the seasonal electric cost in 1/2 – to about $11. In just one winter season, the Frank water system will save about $120. In two years about $240. In my book, anything that has that high a savings rate should be purchased. The bottom line is that a Frank type heater will pay itself off in less than two years. In many cold climates in about one year. The Frank water system uses 1/5’th the electricity or about $8 per month. The monthly difference of savings comparing the two systems is about $34 per month ($42 minus $8). If your winter is 8 months long, then the savings per year is about $272 (8 months x $34) – more than the cost of a Frank heated waterer.

Timber Lake Farms, Inc. ~ Stephen Hull, MS, PhD

With our current herd of 160 hauling water with be impossible, but even with a herd of 40 or less installing heated waterers will more than pay for themselves in short order. Frank waterers would be my choice as they have two heaters (150 and 300 watts) which come on based on the ambient temperature. Putting them inside the barn both protects them and gives you one central place to clean and service (if necessary). Less steps, less labor, more time to enjoy the alpacas. My 2 cents,

A Paca Fun Farm ~ Neil Padgett

I choose Frank Fountains over the Nelsons (which are very nice waterers) mainly because of price first, then the rep for Nelson repeatedly calling me for a sale and the installation requirements for the Nelson were very involved. The Frank fountains were one price and heating is included and was shipped quickly. The fountains have a green and red light on them and when I’m driving out the driveway in the morning I can observe whether or not the lights are on and if the heater is also on.

Humming Along Alpacas ~ CJ Parnell

Bill and I have done a lot of experimenting over the years, and swear by the Frank waterer. We currently have 7 and have only had to repair one (part was sent next day, Bill installed new part, no problem since).

Alpaca Atlantic of Tennessee, LLC ~ Lisa

I have two of your waters and I must say that I absolutely love them!! It has been a cold winter here in Michigan and every day we talk about how we could not have made it through the cold and snow without our Frank Waters. Besides us loving them for their convenience the Alpacas love always having fresh water available.

Encore Alpacas ~ Martha Dobbins

Like much of the country we’re battling tons of snow and some cold temps at times. The fountains are working great and are a God-send.

Crazy Horse Alpacas ~ Kathy Stoffel

First, I love the Frank water system. It is far less expensive than the Nelson type, is very energy efficient and is easy to clean. The Frank system also has a bulb that shows that power IS on to the unit and another bulb to show that the heater is on. I had Nelson’s and no bulbs. The GFI circuit tripped many winters ago on a cold night. All the valve mechanisms on the Nelson’s froze and broke. That was incredibly expensive to repair. Had I known, I would have simply flipped the GFI breaker back on . . . . The automatic water system means that you ALWAYS have water even if you are called away.

TimberLake Farms, Inc. ~ Stephen Hull, MS, PhD 

I am only the end user with 150 alpacas, horses and dogs that use these wonderful fountains but I will tell you what I know from my perspective. John designed the fountain (which ultimately became the Frank Fountain) for me when I told him to take out the ones I had because they were a cesspool of filth due to the inability to clean them thoroughly. I would rather carry buckets than to have my animals drinking from them. John is a retired engineer who designed equipment for lumber mills and rock quarries for 50+ years. At over 90 years of age, he is still designing and consulting for numerous businesses! I personally have almost 20 Frank Fountains in use here at ATV. We have had up to 180 animals on the ranch which you can imagine could be a nightmare to keep watered in freezing weather. Our ½ mile lane can be impassable with snow laden tree limbs or too much ice so it is important to be able to depend on them. As long as you have power to your systems, they are very dependable and we do have a generator in case. No other watering system can be found on today’s market with lights that you me they are working from a thousand feet. They are easy to clean and best of all, you can call John to discuss any issue you may have any day of the week.

Alpacas of Tualatin Valley, LLC ~ Lona Nelsen Frank

John, we are so pleased with you wanting to make things “right” with the waterers. Your time and consideration are very much appreciated. These days, this type of support with anything is hard to find – if it can be found at all.

Humming Angels Alpacas ~ Mary Siep and Kim Rooney

I use the franks heated waterers and they are the best thing in the whole barn. they save alot of time and I have never in 3 years had any problems with 8 of them.

Erie Oasis Alpacas ~ Scott Ebert

We absolutely love having automatic waterers. We used the Frank waterers, and it is wonderful never having to worry about our girls having plenty of fresh water. We installed one in each pasture so there is always ample water. They are very easy to clean and they have a heating system so they never freeze. They were absolutely worth every penny to us that we paid. (And the largest cost is not the waterers – it was running underground piping through a trench from our water pump to each pasture.) The stainless steel is so much nicer than plastic and the water flow works great. The other thing I liked about the Frank’s waterers is that they were immediately available. We saw some nice waterers at Northwest Alpacas, but they described the process by which they had to get them and it sounded like it took months.

Silver Spoon Alpacas LLC ~ Jenny Jonak

Fantastic design, easy to clean, ingenious float system that works!!!!!! We’ve got 7 of them and are very happy customers!

Alpaca Atlantic of Tennessee, LLC ~ Lisa