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Winter 2017

Good grief! Here it is…Winter again. How we got here so fast is unbelievable. Shearing was uneventful and we had a great time with longtime participants. Many fleeces were bought as they came off the animals as silver and black are truly desirable. The CABA Classic Show was easy for me this year as I […]

Fall 2016

Spring at ATV

  This has been a very busy year for all of us here at ALPACAS of Tualatin Valley. The CABA Classic came and went then we sheared all the animals for the next two days. We had a great crew this year with PCC students joining in the fun! Most of our fleeces flew out […]

Summer 2015


Shearing this year was a lot of fun with old and new friends helping out. Many of my best fleeces were purchased on the spot by artisan and commercial buyers. The balance of our fleeces will all be gone this week with the exception of the few I kept for myself. The 2015 CABA Classic […]

Spring 2015

May Flower Gardens

Winter has been very mild so we can expect a lot of mosquitoes and flys to begin buzzin. The alpacas are looking forward to getting out on pasture after being on the sandy sacrifice area for many months. The pastures are looking lush with the infusion of composted manure in November and the Northern most […]

September 2014 is here!

Rosey & Lydia

We aired on AM Northwest during the Labor Day segment where we attempted to promote our alpaca industry. We definitely were a hit with the Producer, Lydia who is mesmerized with these amazing animals. She was here when a lovely female huacaya was born and assisted me with the baby afterwards. The baby’s name? Lydia […]

Summer 2014


In July my organic garden was abundant with everything growing beautifully in the good weather we were having. Unfortunately, the yellow jackets made a nest in the ground by my rhubarb which I found when I was mowing. I left the garden gates open so I could come back to eradicate the nest that night […]

Spring 2014

We made it through a sometime cold but rather mild winter. The alpacas are looking forward to getting out on pasture after being on the sandy sacrifice area since November. In April an intern from the nationally recognized Biology and Management of Zoo Animal program offered at Portland CC joined us for her Spring term. […]

Summer 2013 – A Story by The Oregonian

Alpacas of Tualatin Valley ranch offers a fluffy patch of paradise By Findley Merritt, The Oregonian Turning into the dirt road hidden under a canopy of mammoth trees, I’m immediately jealous of Lona Frank. It’s 11 a.m., and I’m on my second cup of coffee. On this morning I’ve already posted two stories, panicked when […]

Alpacas as an Investment

Smart Money Today February 4th, 2012 You may have heard that Alpacas make a great investment because of their high annual yields of fiber and the lucrative income it can provide. But did you also know that the tax code makes offers huge benefits to Alpaca owners? Investing in Alpacas has many advantages. Whether you’re […]